What is with this judge ordering the FBI declassify the Weiner laptop warrant?

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Ok there is a lot to unpack here.

We know that Weiner was sexting a minor, and this could have been a partisan sting, but he got caught, and was subsequently investigated by the NYPD, and then the FBI.

The NYPD used a search warrant to gain access to Weiner’s laptop, and discovered by accident a deposit of emails relating to the private server Hillary used while secretary of state between 2009-2013.

At this point the FBI stepped in.  It was also reported that Weiner granted the FBI access to the emails willingly.  The fact that there is a warrant means this might not be the case…  If it is the case, it means that Weiner knew he had nothing to hide, or it could mean that he made a deal.

About the private server:

Hillary used  a private server when she was secretary of state.  This became a big issue during the election.  On the left the argument is ‘what’s the big deal who cares? so she used a private server, it was convenience, so she could work from home, no big deal’.  BUT there’s this thing called the Freedom of Information Act, where all government emails are logged and accessible to the public upon request and if necessary, declassification (classified info is not available, but still logged), so the emails in that server weren’t logged officially in government records, when the FBI tried to get a hold of those emails retroactively 30,000 of them went missing.  The subpoena request for the emails in that case was related to Benghazi.  Hillary’s camp claims the deleted emails were related to YOGA, no big deal, and she had her assistants smashing phones with hammers, to keep those emails from being logged.  So she seems to be hiding something, the big potential crime is that she was leveraging her position as Secretary of State to launder pay to play money through the Clinton Foundation.  This was all a big deal as it was happening, but most people didn’t grasp the implications, and the FBI eventually let her off.  But those 30,000 emails remain a mystery.

So… on Weiners lapdtop the NYPD finds a deposit of previously unreleased emails from Hillary’s private server as Secretary of State (she was ordered to turn over all the emails the first time…) and the FBI steps in. They reopen the investigation… again, the ‘investigation’ is whether or not Hillary was leveraging her position as Secretary of State to launder money (or worse) through the Clinton Foundation.  Nobody cares about the ‘boring’ crimes like classified emails on a laptop without clearance, or who told a fib.  The big kahuna relates to the Clinton Foundation laundering and trafficking.

So Comey reopens the case, publicly, and deals a big blow to Hillary’s campaign eleven days before the election.  But then a week later he declares there was nothing in the emails and closes the case.  Now we come back to the judge ordering the unsealing of that initial warrant.

The motive to have the warrant unsealed appears to be an effort to find solid proof that the election was illegitimate.  If the warrant is deemed illegitimate, the the FBI would have reopened the case for no reason other than to disrupt the Hillary Campaign before Nov. 8th.  This is a stronger but similar case to the Russian hacking angle.  After all, the warrant didn’t lead to any arrests, so it seems reasonable to question it’s legitimacy in the first place.

Comey wrote his damning letter to congress to make the investigation public on Oct 28th, two days before the warrant went through to check the emails.  The warrants date was originally Oct 20th, and later changed to Oct 30th, but it seems Oct 30th is the real date. The FBI may have seen the emails independently of and prior to the warrant anyway, if reports are true that Weiner agreed to work with them.  The question is, was he cutting a deal or did he know there was nothing there?  Besides the FBI, the NYPD had already seen the emails due to their separate investigation into Weiner’s sexting.

The Weiner sexting case was the focus of the NYPD investigation, that was breaking ten days ealier, around Oct. 18th.  That case would have had a warrant too, so one for the NYPD, one for the FBI.  And warrants have to present a compelling thesis statement.  So the thesis statement switched from, ‘is there underage porn and the like on weiners laptop’ to ‘are these emails related to the private server when hillary served as Secretary of State.’

Will the Establishment Media shift focus from Russia to Comey?  It depends on the warrant itself, jumping from a sexting phone to laptop emails, from the NYPD to the FBI, they could be trying to delegitamaize the evidence itself.  But… you say… why would they do that when Comey said there was nothing in the emails?

This all started with the NYPD, and reports that can’t quite be called ‘fake news’ (snopes listed it as UNPROVEN) all indicated the NYPD was ready to make some arrests, regarding the emails, but recieved heavy pushback from the DOJ.  At which point the FBI stepped in in good faith.

Remember, the email deposit was unrelated to Weiner’s sexting.  It’s the State Department private server emails found that re-sparked the investigation, where the question is, are there any Clinton Foundation emails that slipped beneath the public record because of that private server?

Comey says, no.  And the Clinton camp seems unafraid, so it looks like a move identical to the Russia thing, an attempt to delegitamize the election.  One that is slightly more valid than the Russia angle.  And now we enter the realm of fake news: I propose this is not their intent, to line up Comey as the latest delegitimization factor after Russia.  That will just be a side effect.

We have a bit of a litmus test here.  If they try to find the evidence inadmissible, even though no charges were leveled against anyone, because the warrant itself is deemed not legitimate, and this is my prediction, that should raise some alarm bells.  Because Comey already said there was nothing.  It would mean they know he’s lying and are very very scared of being investigated come Jan 20.

Eric Braverman, the recent CEO of the Clinton Foundation, has been missing for 56 days now.  They may want to have another look at those emails come Jan. 20 based on that fact alone.  There are fake news reports that he is already in FBI custody, or claimed asylum with Russia.




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2 Responses to What is with this judge ordering the FBI declassify the Weiner laptop warrant?

  1. bcberg says:

    So are you saying Comey knows there are Clinton Foundation emails in Weiner’s laptop? And I can’t find any news about Eric Braverman in the last month. All the news about him being missing looks fake. Brian

    chop wood, carry water, kick steps, don’t wobble


  2. pdb212 says:

    They release the warrant today at noon! and i’m not sure if they release the emails? that would be best if they did, to stop all the conspiracies (or prove them).

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