Don’t make the same mistake Marie Antoinette did.

Warning politics woo.
Marie Antoinette saying ‘let them eat cake’ represents a misdiagnosis of the situation that resulted in a revolution.
Very comparable to saying, ‘oh the populists, they’re just racist’. Misdiagnosis results in losing election.
(I really wish the election was bernie vs. trump, they agreed on the problem, and the cause, but disagreed on the solution. we would have had an argument based on the issues rather than ‘you’re racist’, ‘no i’m not!’ ‘yes you are’.)
I think the populists represent a shift in interest/outrage away from the horizontal axis of identity and toward the vertical wealth axis, rich v poor, elite vs everyone else. It makes sense that the elites would resist this, and might even encourage infighting along the horizontal identity axis, to remain ignored and in power.
policies that encourage infighting along the horizontal axis are: open borders, identity politics, both staples of the elites. Bernie and Trump agree on these issues, and disagree with the elites on them, but have different rhetoric.
The elites do and should harbor some responsibility for the commonwealth, but this doesn’t necessarily mean wealth redistribution. I think it means first and foremost, ‘don’t be corrupt’. Thanks wikileaks, goddamn that shit was crazy. Btw wikileaks confirmed deliberate race baiting along the horizontal axis by the clinton campaign.
the final battlefield between which axis the outrage should be aligned is in the media. No one site can report on all the news, so each site filters the news. No one has to lie, but they can still control a narrative of their own making. It becomes a war of anecdotes. Right now the mainstream media is encouraging outrage along the horizontal axis, and ‘New Media’ (Dave Rubin, Breitbart, etc) is encouraging outrage along the vertical axis, and ridiculing the mainstream media at every step. In this war, New Media is winning or has already won.
Both Axis are important.  Which axis is more important? I think hypothetically that being racist to your neighbor while the rich get richer is worst case scenario (it is also the closest to our reality).  And a society that is unified to keep the elite caste honest is best case scenario.
I feel like at some point we could be post racial, if focus is on the vertical axis. It’s ironic that you can get called a racist for floating that idea, though. Racism flourishes when times are tough, so the best thing to do is to encourage innovation and growth over finance. Finance is still ok, but it’s a question of where our really smart people go, do they go into finance, or fields of innovation?
The U.S. has had stagnant growth for 40 years, the economy essentially amounts to a zero sum game during this time, and the gap between rich and poor has widened. This benefits no one but the elites, here’s to hoping we all just team up to keep rich people honest. Don’t let them turn us against each other. Hope i didn’t say ‘elites’ to much…
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