interstellar plot hole


Also, this isn’t a review. this is a potential discussion of a plot hole that ruins the movie.
if it wasn’t for this one plot hole, this movie would be amazing. it’s not a debatable time travel plot hole
or a nit picky relativity plot hole. i mean it’s a real plot hole. something that the story hinges on that makes no sense.
namely, the order of the planets they visit.

basically it’s that the astronauts do some b-grade teen horror movie dumb stuff.
i will not stand for that, especially in a hard sci fi movie. suspension of disbelief is the greatest benefit i can give any movie and i will gladly but i was robbed of it because of what planet they decide to visit first.
they actually convene and discuss, and then make an idiotic decision after discussion.
this adds insult to injury. because of the pretenses of them huddling up and making a supposed smart decision. it ruined the movie for me.

it’s when they pop out of the wormhole. their mission is to visit three planets, rescue three scientists and collect all their data, then pick one.
so it’s important which one they pick first but ideally all planets will be visited, they discuss it.
one of the planets is close to a black hole so it will take them roughly two years to visit due to time distortion, if all goes well. the other two planets, there is no time distortion. WHY do they go to the planet that will take the longest, first? that means the other two
scientists you are capable of saving will have to wait at least two extra years. In their discussion, they mention that the planets are ‘months’ apart, and
this is for some reason a deterrent, while the planet they claim is most convenient will actually delay them two years, if all goes well. and they know this.
why do they go to that planet first!? it’s so stupid.

it’s like taking a shit before your roommate when all your roommate has to do is take a piss. you let your roommate piss first, then you take a shit.
i’ve tried to justify this plot hole somehow because that would save the movie and make it great. but i haven’t been able to. under any circumstance,
the best decision is to save the time distorted planet near the wormhole for last.

if anyone has thoughts feel free to share.

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3 Responses to interstellar plot hole

  1. I believe they mentioned that going to the first two and then circling back to this first planet would take up too much fuel and would not make sense for their journey.

  2. pdb212 says:

    thanks i guess this means at least they addressed it. i’m still having trouble buying this though. hitting all three planets, you just go clockwise or counterclockwise it’s the same amount of fuel for the most part.

  3. pdb212 says:

    hey i think i reconciled this shit. disregard. the two closest planets when they pop out the wormhole are BOTH close to gargantua. so what they do makes sense. i love this movie i’m sorry i doubted it.

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