skinny jake

nightcrawler was refreshing because it centers on a man
ignorant to the very idea of morals or values. i been really
sick of movies like Lego Movie with ‘likeable’ characters.
i’m so filled with shame that i saw lego movie in
theatres and liked it, never again! why is this even a thing? the reason is because there is not a diverse selection.
even most adult blockbusters are now tailored in part to kids,
thanks avengers. Joss Whedon sucks btw. kids should be playing
outside anyway, or watching flash gordon vhs on repeat. Blues Clues rules,
i’ll give you that. But kids have brains that barely work why are we
tailoring shit to them at all? We should just trick them.
so thanks for this movie hollywood, and thanks for Lou Bloom.
some peeps are calling him a sociopath but that term seems to get thrown
at all sorts of stuff these days. this guy is very specific.
he defies even the classification of anti-hero.
in his own words he says something like, ‘what if it’s not that
i don’t understand people, it’s just that i don’t like them?’
there is an epic huge backstory hinted at for Lou Bloom, our main
character. He has been put through the ringer of the
hypocrisy and bureaucracy of the american minimum wage workplace
and dealt with many a deuschy boss, studied their
moves perfectly. this is all BACKSTORY just hinted at! the movie starts with him sneaking around,
tresspassing, to theive metal. what got him to that point?
it’s an awesome intriguing start to an unfathomably interesting
character put to film. Lou Bloom is American Bullshit personified, condensed
into a diamond. A diamond with a
heavy death toll behind it. not exactly human, not at all.
you telling me we can personify a social construct and watch it wriggle for
deeper understanding of the concept? nice moves, hollywood.
just don’t call it satire and don’t call lou bloom a sociopath.

This movie would be almost as
interesting with all the dialogue cut out. that’s how
spot on the significance of action on screen playing out
is. for example, the first time Lou Bloom realizes he
can tamper with a crime scene to make his footage more
interesting. The dialogue is not integral so it serves as more
of an accent flavor, it’s perfect.
speaking of cherry on top, this movie isn’t about rich people! yay!
it’s the first movie that’s not about rich people that i’ve
seen since The Commitments in 1991. I was 5.

this isn’t a dark comedy, thank goodness. dark comedies
can suck my nuts. it’s a crime movie. it’s the best
crime movie since.. i dunno. Let me list some
movies that his movie is better than, to illustrate.
this movie is better than:
Gone Girl, a movie whose dick i was all upon just last week.
American Psycho, maybe just a tie on this one?

just to name a few. those are some good movies that this movie is
better than. it’s another rare reminder that movies are dope and will always
ace tv in a head to head at full potential.

so i wanted to save this for the end, not lead with it.
but this movie is at the very least, the best movie so
far this decade except for Inception. i know i’m prone
to hyperbole so what?

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