gone girl


david fincher is the greatest director of all time. he’s a mix of ozu and hitchcock, but better than both. his fault is he might not have enough time to make enough movies. he makes tarantino and paul anderson look like a joke. no filmmaker has ever been a true genius, except for fincher. anyone who says he’s style over substance can suck my nuts, seriously. we’re dealing with like the worst period of movies ever. and people are eating it up. yaaaay guardians of the galaxy, that movie can suck my nuts. lego movie yaaaay. suck. my. nuts. these movies are fucking terrible. gone girl is a companion piece to fight club, femenine where the former is masculine, equally as cutting. cutting is a word my nemisis travers would use so let me just say ‘dope’. gone girls theme is ‘give a woman enough free time and she will plot your downfall’ written by a woman btw. super stoked on dope ass entertainment that is interested in gender politics rather than scared of them. so is fincher, the greatest filmmaker ever.

except for one thing: what the heck is up with ben’s bis? his bis are so swol in this feature. way too swol, messed with my suspension of disbelief. turns out he’s filming batman as i write this or something so that’s why. the human body moves to a different jig than the movie industry, apparently.

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