Jake Gyllenhal or something.


my biggest fan requested that I review Enemy. Which I was like, let’s not make this a habit but ok. it’s a riddle of a movie, not all movies are like that thank goodness but some are, they are all very prematurely self congratulatory in a really misguided way. as everyone knows, the best riddles are unsolvable, because fuck riddles. but this riddle was childs play. worst riddle i’ve ever been told, something to do with spiders or something, here goes:

Enemy is about a race of spider people that come down and enter our dreams and slowly replace us all, bodysnatchers style.
but they fuck up and one guy slips through the cracks and gets duplicated.
So then the duplicates meet for the first time and really don’t like it so close like that so they try to find a more indirect way to bone each other, which is to bone each others girlfriends.
one of them ends up dying so you think balance is restored but there’s still spider people to worry about.
there is some weird stuff in the movie that goes with a history repeats itself vibe, and the vibe seems to be this act of adultery on the part of the
husband. a cycle stretched along a vector, in this case representing time or the speed of light or whatever, becomes a sine wave i think, just look at the lights on bike spokes at night. so it’s not like teleportation or a ‘reset’ button is involved, pretty sure. so it means maybe there’s ‘hope,’ in the obama sense of the word. but the end gives no obama hope because you still gotta worry about the spider people. which, maybe the spider people have take over before? in which case there IS a reset button. damn.

ok so i think the riddle of the movie is: is this guy, represented in this spidermind world as two people who will each make a key choice in a mutually exclusive decision: to cheat or not to cheat, gonna cheat on his pregnant wife again or what? so actually the most interesting character would probably be the wife, but it’s interesting she doesn’t really have a choice, she ‘chooses’ to seduce the impostor, the supposed goodguy, but then he goes bad in the end and she turns into a spider. No obama hope. i don’t mind it but i mind and reckon tons of stuff all the time so no big deal.

if it is as my superior the youtube says, all about the subconsious, i have some minor bones to pick about subconsious shit in general. my annoyance is that it’s so symbolic, but then they pick complicated symbols in this case that hold symbols within them, like a bag of symbols, and they didn’t take the time to account for all the symbols so there are some rougue symbols out there. this would be almost like a plot hole? for example: bad jake dies but leaves behind a doorkey. the doorkey singlehandedly sparks something inside of good jake to become bad jake again, something like depraved curiousity. this key was waiting for the now dead bad jake at his place of employ for a period of no greater than 6 months until it was procured by good jake in a duplicitous act. inidentally or not, 6 months is also how how pregnant his spider wife is. the key directly represents access to some kind of kubrickian sex party, which in itself is symbol. we get a glimpse of the kubrickian sex party in the beginning, which features a hooker stepping on a spider. So that’s a symbol within a symbol within a symbol. the squashed spider, held within the symbol of the key twice removed, has nothing to do with the key, the relationship between the two at that point is muddled and unstable. are they opposites? the key leads to the downfall of the spider. it does actually kind of imply a narrative. hmm that is actually pretty genius. but the wife, the most interesting character based on how all these symbols are set up, is not in control, seems like she’s just a pawn to the wims of the symbols higher up on the food chain. she basically represents an if then statement but at least her if then statement seems to include dumping his ass.

anyway the answer to the riddle is: yes

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